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The Study 8 participants were asked to rank 13 potential influencers compiled from online research, and to provide their own opinion on the algorithm. Ranking was a simple 1-5 scale, with 5 being the most influential factor. Fortunately, we discovered a few... Read More

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Are You a Scam According to Google?

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After the launch of Google Instant in December of 2010, thousands of businesses began an all out war on their competition within the search results. Thanks to the now permanent Google Autocomplete, ratings, reviews, links, and comments all over the web are being spidered and are influencing what appears as you type your query into Google.

There’s no turning this feature off, so you can’t run from this epidemic, but you sure as heck and do something about it. We surveyed the greatest minds in Search Engine Optimization, including Rand Fishkin, Ian Lurie, Aaron Wall, Tim Critchlow, Tim Eschenauer, and Danny Sullivan for feedback on what they believed would influence the search suggestions (also called “search predictions”) to give you ideas on how to combat the garbage your competitors have created for you online.

It could happen to anyone:

Google SERPS with Matt Cutts Scam Appearing

All it takes is a little manipulation from your competition, such as a link to Google’s search results from an email with keywords such as Matt Cutts Scam or use of words such as complaints, ripoff, DUI, or “goes to prison”. It’s a harsh world out there, but you’re not alone.

Read through the Google Autocomplete Study Results and let us know what you think of our collective findings. Do take some time to thank the awesome contributors as well!

Okay, the Study is Live – Feedback Anyone?


After over 20 hours of compiling questions, surveying experts, and figuring out where the heck to put the results, we finally decided on and have posted survey results from experts you know and trust from all over the world.

Your feedback is critical to our mission of removing all the “scam”, “rip off”, and “scandal” terms that your competition is pushing into Google’s Autocomplete feature, a now permanent extension to Google Instant (release in December of 2010).

So let us know what you think. Are the experts correct? Have you removed a negative keyword from the predicted search suggestions? Is there something we missed or something you’d like to discuss? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Welcome to Beat the Autocomplete


With so many individuals and reputable businesses getting attacked, and Google giving very little guidance on how to remove negative keywords from their Autocomplete (search prediction) engine, it’s up to us as webmasters and search engine marketers to learn how to combat the new Google Instant feature ourselves.

In the process, we may actually also increase the ranking of our listings for specific keywords. Thanks for visiting us today and being part of our community. There’s a lot to be said about the impact Google’s Autocomplete has had on businesses, politicians, and other public figures that leave a negative impression with the searcher before they have even had a chance to read the entire story.

We appreciate your insights, feedback and participation!