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8. Quantity of Link Text Crawled on the Web (2.63)

2.22.2011 | 5 Comments

Another factor completely outside the realm of Payne’s test, link text plays an important role in organic ranking and may be an influencer of autocomplete rank. A quick search for “click here” returns the Adobe Reader download page as the top result, despite the fact that the page does not contain the phrase anywhere in the page or source code. Googlebot reads the text within a link almost like an introduction to the page it is being sent to. See how one might analyze the anchor text used for David Mihm’s Local Ranking Factors using’s Linkscape tool:

Screenshot of Linkscape by

The quantity of links (provided they are not too explicit as they were with the “miserable failure” Googlebomb on the mid-2000′s) may influence organic ranking and possibly Google’s autocomplete predictions.

It’s recommended to have a conversation with a link building expert before venturing off into link building tactics that could cause your website and company to be removed from the search results and exploited the way JC Penny had been in the New York Times.

Please note that these diagrams were randomly selected for entertainment purposes only. Speak with Eric Ward, Jim Boykin, or Nate Dame before attempting to emulate any of the below scenarios.

Picture of a Link Building Diagram

Another Link Building Diagram

Another Link Building Diagram Example

Another Link Building Diagram Example

Another Link Building Diagram Example

Another Link Building Diagram Example

Another Link Building Diagram Example

Another Link Building Diagram Example

Another Link Building Diagram Example

Another Link Building Diagram Example

9. Quality of Search Results with a Keyword Theme (2.50)

2.22.2011 | 1 Comment

In a scenario where Google autocomplete must choose between two similar queries, such as “product A” and “product B”, it’s likely that Google autocomplete may predict the query with the highest quality of content.


Screenshot of Skechers SERPS

In the above screenshot, find two products: “shape ups” and “twinkle toes”. What makes shape ups rank higher in the suggestions than twinkle toes? Both are popular products, but how does Google know which product is the most popular aside from volume alone? Quality of search results may be the answer.

The top 10 search results that appear for each query were analyzed. Even though there may be truth in the idea that Google PageRank, could be a thing of the past as it pertains to ranking, PageRank was included in the measurement tools. Rand Fishkin and his team at have spent years analyzing ranking factors and Google’s algorithm to come up with their own relevancy measurement tool, appropriately named mozRank. mozRank and page authority were both used in the study of Quality. The results are below.

Tables Comparing Link and SEO Data

The results may be coincidental, but despite the fact that twinkle toes produced 2,950,000 results and shape ups produced 2,180,000 (quantity of results), shape ups remains several suggestions higher than twinkle toes.

Note in the tables above pages appearing within the first page of the search results for shape ups contained a higher PageRank, mozRank, and page authority, despite the lack of typical SEO page structure (title, meta description, heading tag usage).

Also note that the websites associated with the highest ranked suggestion contained more inbound links to the individual pages and to the root domains.
The inference here could be that the quality of web pages, and quantity of links to those pages, may impact positioning within Google’s autocomplete. One might also add that the value of the h1 tag in this instance means less than it might in natural/organic search.

10. Quality of Web Pages Containing Link Text (2.50)

2.22.2011 | 0 Comments

Similar to Factor #8, the quality of the pages linking to anywhere using the keyword within the link text may be factor in autocomplete predictions. Thanks to tools such as Yahoo! Site Explorer and, it’s not difficult to research how others are linking to a particular website. It is, however, difficult to find ALL links on the Internet with a given link text.

If anyone has a web crawler than can search for a specific phrase and identify whether or not the text is within an anchor tag, please use the contact information at the end of this article so that the next version will have more data to base this potential influencer on.